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What is the turnaround time on custom work?

Turnaround times vary greatly depending on the type of work, the number of jobs that are currently in the queue, and if we need to order parts. Our vendors have varying lead times for stocks, barrels, etc. This is precision work that cannot be rushed so when you place an order we can usually give you some estimate as to how long we will need your rifle.

How do I ship my firearms to TCR?

It is legal, under Federal law, to ship a personal firearm to a licensed dealer such as Tumbleweeds Custom Rifles for repair purposes without obtaining licensing.  However, the repaired firearm must be returned to the same address from which it was received.

You should check with the shipping service, such as FedEx, that you intend to use, as their policies vary in regard to shipping firearms. Shotguns and rifles may be shipped by the US Postal Service, per the Domestic Mail Manual (Sec.11.3).

Clearly label the box containing your firearm with our name and address (contact us for the correct address to use)

  • Be sure to insure your package at replacement cost unless you are willing to accept the risk. We will insure the package for full replacement value when shipping back to you.

  • Be sure to use adequate packaging materials when shipping your firearm. Please contact your shipper of choice for their shipping recommendations. TCR is not responsible for damage done to the rifle during transport.

  • Make sure the firearm is unloaded and do not ship any live ammunition with the firearm.

  • Please enclose a letter detailing what you would like done to the firearm and a phone number / email address to contact you.

  • If a down payment is required, please make sure you include the check with your shipment.

How I Measure for Proper Stock Fitting?

I do not use length of pull to measure fit, I like to work with two different numbers on stock fitting. The first one I call STOCK PULL (S/P), center of vertical grip to center of pad, looking straight down on the stock from the side.

Second is what I call GRIP PULL (G/P). It is measured from the center of the most vertical point on the grip to center of trigger. Grip pull will not be able to adjust on the pre-inletted 700 or Anschutz stocks from Robertson's Composites. It is only optional on the custom inletted stocks that I do. This makes it nice to have an Adjustable trigger blade.

The stock pull and the grip pull do not total for the Length of pull (LOP) because the G/P is at a angle. This makes it better for a personal fit being that people have different bodies, hands and ideas.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to call or e-mail.

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