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Customer-Submitted Gallery & Testimonials

Peyton Taylor

Mark has been building rifles for me now for almost 10 years. I can afford to send my guns out to anybody or have anyone build a gun for me but I continue to use Mark, and refer him to my friends. Why? Because of his attention to detail, customer service and willingness to build what I envision. Plus, he is a great guy and fun to work with. 

Bob Poffinbarger, USMC (Retired)

I have known Mark 30 plus years, and over that period we have put together over 100 rifles. All have been superior quality of craftsmanship. Mark is above all, an excellent friend.

Gary G.

Mark has worked on many rifles for me - from building my rimfire silhouette to customizing my black rifle, all for game from prairie dogs to elephants. They have performed and shot at the very top at the top of the custom rifle spectrum.

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