Barrel & Action Work

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Rebarrel Remington & 700 Clones, Ruger 77, Tikka T3, Etc.  

Lap Lugs, True Receiver Face, Thread Barrel, Chamber, Crown, 220 Grit Polished Finish, Test Fire and Clean 


Rebarrel Winchester, Kimber (or any model with Extractor Slots)

Lap Lugs, True Receiver Face, Thread Barrel, Chamber, Cut Extractor Slots, Crown, 220 Grit Polished Finish,

Test Fire and Clean 


Rebarrel Ruger No. 1 (please contact us about No. 1 barrel work)

Thread Barrel, Chamber, Cut Extractor Slots, Crown, 220 Grit Polished Finish, Test Fire and Clean

Extra cost includes the extra assembly / disassembly of these rifles. 


Metric Threads

Additional cost on top of base price for any metric action / muzzle threads (AI, CZ, Howa, etc.)


Index Flutes

Index and align flutes when installing a fluted barrel.


Blue Printing

Square Threads to Bolt Body, Square Receiver and Bolt Face. Includes Precision Ground Oversized Lug


Rechamber or Set Back, Index Barrel and Recrown

Please contact us about setting barrels back, we will need dummy rounds and cartridge dimensions.


Thread Anschutz Action and Square (new barrel installation)


Custom Bolt Stop / Release (side bolt release like Defiance, Stiller, etc.)


Break-In New Barrel (plus cost of ammo)


Cut and Recrown Barrel


Firing Pin Bushing (machine Remington bolt and install precision bushing to .062")


M-16 Style Extractor

Machining and Extractor


Muzzle Brake Installation - Custom Fit

Price based on Harrells Precision Radial brake.  Other brakes are available, but may incur additional costs.


Muzzle Brake Cap (Thread Protector) - Cap only

EGW Knurled steel thread protectors - 1/2x28 and 5/8x24


Muzzle Brake Cap (Thread Protector) - Custom Fit

Custom fit and machined to match barrel contour. Additional charges may apply if barrel will require refinishing.


Extended Bolt Knob (Includes Custom Machined and Finished Knob)

We have several styles of knobs on hand, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have one you like.


Thread Barrel (muzzle end)

Threading for suppressor / flash hider.  Please provide mount if suppressor uses quick detach style mount.


Additional Throating (provide *dummy* round with no powder or primer)


Trigger Adjustment

Total adjustment may vary depending on make and model of firearm


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Muzzle brake tight

Muzzle brake tight

Muzzle brake loose

Muzzle brake loose

Cap On

Cap Off

Bolt Knob

Bolt Knobs

Bolt knobs


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