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Quality Handcrafted Rifles - Built one at a time

Carefully created by Mark Pharr

Welcome to Tumbleweeds Custom Rifles, where we take great pride in handcrafting the highest quality precision rifles and components. Our passion for shooting, along with our decades of experience in precision machining, woodworking, and gunsmithing, gives us the unique ability to create some of the most accurate rifles in the world. The attention to detail that we put into each rifle is evident; not only in the look and feel of the finished product, but also in the satisfaction you get each and every time you squeeze the trigger.

We specialize in custom bolt action, thousand yard F-Class, rimfire and high power silhouette, and high-grade hunting rifles. Many shops produce in mass, but we focus on one thing; Quality, one rifle at a time!

We hope you find what you are looking for here - please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests. We're happy to help


Kodie Greenburg,

Patrol Sergeant

Over many years, Mark’s customer service and quality has been exceptional. Equipment confidence is a huge factor in accuracy, and I’ve never felt more confident than behind a Tumbleweeds rifle!

Bob Poffinbarger,

USMC (Retired)

I have known Mark 30 plus years, and over that period we have put together over 100 rifles. All have been superior quality of craftsmanship. Mark is above all, an excellent friend.

Gary G.

Mark has worked on many rifles for me - from building my rimfire silhouette to customizing my black rifle, all for game from prairie dogs to elephants. They have performed and shot at the very top at the top of the custom rifle spectrum.

Products & Services


Custom Rifles

Beautiful & highly functional custom rifles, made by hand top to bottom.

Barrel & Action

Choose your caliber and any options like muzzle brakes or threading for suppressors.

Metal finishing

Give your metal that "brand new" look and protection in the color of your choice.

Stock Work

Whatever your style, we have you covered.


Adding that finishing touch to suit your needs.

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Contact Us

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Remington 700 6.5 Creedmoor Carbon Fiber
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